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SkillBank Fellows come from many different backgrounds. Learn more about how our fellows started a career in paid media marketing.

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Lorena Zapata
Growth Marketing Associate at Miles

I am Growth Marketing Associate at Miles. I support marketing operations, ads, content, and both paid and organic growth strategies. I also work closely with one of our managers, supporting them with email marketing for B2B and B2C. It’s a fun and dynamic role because I work across all teams and departments.

Felisto Lorio
Paid Search Associate at Dentsu International

I am Paid Search Associate at Dentsu International, which is a global company. At Dentsu, I don’t feel like I am just another employee. The team that I am in and the managers that I work with are very invested in my personal and professional growth. My day to day responsibilities involves pulling data from Google and Bing engines on my campaigns and strategizing ways to optimize. I currently have one client and I am manage an ad-spend worth $3-4 million dollars a month.

Crystal Lowder
Website Designer at GoDaddy

I am a Web Designer at GoDaddy. I assist customers who have websites and help them make changes and troubleshoot any issues they may be having.

Lily Mass
Paid Search Specialist at Assembly Global

I am a Paid Search Specialist, I work for Assembly Global in their NYC headquarters. I handle the paid search aspect of our accounts, I do everything thing from writing ad copy, developing ad content and keyword strategy and planning, everything that helps a campaign perform better.

Julie David
Search Engine Marketing Strategist with Omnitail

My current role is a Search Engine Marketing Strategist with Omnitail marketing agency, I will be creating e-commerce campaigns for different businesses. Our focus will be monitoring, data reporting, and product reviews.

Herica De Casas
Marketing Associate at Wondery

I am a Marketing Associate at Wondery, a clothing brand for women in the outdoors. We create products that help empower women to go outdoors. I implement a wide variety of Wondery's paid media strategy across numerous platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, and Pinterest ads. I also manage their email and life-cycle marketing.

Cam Richtik
Media Analyst at Hawke Media

I am a Media Analyst at Hawke Media, and I am on the Paid Search Team. I work on Google Ads and I work mostly with e-commerce clients and a couple of lead generation accounts. These are clients who spend anywhere from 5K-50K a month and the return on these clients range anywhere from 1.5 times to 60 times ROAS.

Sam Hernandez
Digital Advertising Associate with Mothership Strategies

I am a Digital Advertising Associate with Mothership Strategies. They're based in Washington, D.C. they also have a couple of locations in NY. My main day-to-day responsibilities include the daily pacing of the campaigns that we have going on.

Deborah Adeboye
Paid Social Associate at Mindshare

I currently work at Mindshare as a Paid Social Associate. One of our biggest projects that we launched recently was our Snapchat campaign, since we’re working within the entertainment industry. We typically work with Instagram and Facebook but Snapchat is a new launch for us, it has to do more with brand safety. So far, the campaign has been going very well.

Mike Fluent
Senior Associate at Dentsu

I am a Senior Associate with Paid Search with Dentsu X, recently just got a promotion, so that’s a testament to SkillBank. With the company, I work with a regional furniture business, they are in 14 market areas in the northeast in the U.S, even though they are regional they are the 11th largest furniture company in the U.S.