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We understand that you only want to learn from the best. This is why we have experts in the industry working with our fellows to instill the best habits.

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An Overview

1:1 Mentorship at the Center of Your Experience

Along with reviewing SkillBank curriculum, you will be matched with a marketing mentor, career coach, and SkillBank representative to make sure your experience is fruitful.

Meet Your Mentor

Who Is My Marketing Mentor?

At SkillBank, you will get paired with your marketing mentor during your first week in our paid media marketing program.

A marketing professional with 2+ years of experience working in a managerial or director-level role at a marketing agency.
You meet them for scheduled meetings every other week.
Your mentor will give you project feedback and help you progress through the SkillBank paid media marketing curriculum.
Available over text chat and will respond in a 2-hour window between the hours of 9 am - 4 pm PT

Our Matching Process

How Will I Get

This is a detailed process for how we will introduce you to your SkillBank team. If you have any issues with the team you're matched with, please contact your SkillBank representative.

Step One:
Meet Your SkillBank Rep

Your SkillBank representative has one goal: To make sure you have a fruitful time at SkillBank and stay on track to achieve your dreams.

If you have any issues during the program, your SkillBank representative is the person you should reach out to. They will help!

Step Two:
Meet your Marketing Mentor

This person has one goal: To make sure you are agency ready by the time you complete SkillBank.

All of our mentors have had extensive experience in paid media marketing and have worked in a director-level role at an agency.

You will schedule recurring bi-weekly meetings with your mentor during the first week of the program.

Step Three:
Meet your Career Coach

This person has one goal: To make sure you are prepared for the job market.

Our career coaches have been prepped on what exactly agencies are looking for when they are hiring for entry-level paid media marketers.

You will schedule recurring bi-weekly meetings with your career coach during the second week of the program.

Step Four:
Meet the Community

This community has one goal: To keep you tapped in.

We have fellows across the United States that are currently working at marketing agencies.

Get referrals for jobs, advice on preparing for interviews, and motivation from your fellow SkillBankers. Our community is our heartbeat and keeps us plugged into the marketing world.

You will get added to the SkillBank community upon arrival to the SkillBank program.

Career Coach Spotlight

Meet Sanjida Meem

Senior Career Advisor at SkillBank

Sanjida has been with SkillBank for over a year and has helped hundreds of fellows land jobs across the United States.

Ready to level up your life?

The next phase of your life is right around the corner. At SkillBank, you can start as soon as you get accepted into the program.