SkillBank Pricing Plans
Affordable. Easy. Dependable.

Pricing Plans That Are Made For You

Our program has 3 payment options. These payment options were
made to fit your specific financial situation.

Plan One
Deferred Tuition - 54% OFF REGISTRATION!

$322 Registration Fee + 299/mo (23 mos)

$50 for 3 mos Registration Fee + $293/mo (24 mos)

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  • Our non-refundable registration fee is $50 for 3 months (total $150). Starting week 12, you will owe us $293/mo for 24 months.
  • Total: $7,199

Plan Two
$511 Registration Fee + $499/mo (11 mos)

  • After paying our $511 non-refundable fee, you will owe us $499/mo for 11 months
  • Total: $5,999

Plan Three
Upfront Payment
$4999 Upfront

Payment must be made in full before you start the program.

How It Works

At SkillBank we have 3 affordable payment options!

During your application, you will be asked to select a payment option that you think will best suit you.

During your admissions interview, your SkillBank representative will ask you more about your financial situation to help you decide which is the best option for you.

As of April 2022, we no longer offer the income share agreement payment option.

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships

We’re dedicated to making education accessible to all. In an effort to bring more diversity and inclusion we will be launching scholarship opportunities for fellows that match specific criteria.

Announcing Fall 2022

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