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How Does a Partnership with SkillBank Help My Company?

We help you build an immediate pipeline of trained and vetted entry-level marketing talent.

Reduce burnout for your hiring and recruiting personal

Get a pool of diversified talent across the United States

Don't depend on the classic graduation cycle for entry-level talent, we'll help you hire year-round.

Partner Checklist

Is a SkillBank Grad a Good Fit
For Your Company?

Before going through our process, it's important that you have a clear idea of what roles you are trying to hire for at your company.


  • I'm looking for entry-level talent
  • We're looking to fill a role focused around paid media marketing.
  • We have a clear idea of who our new hire will be reporting to and working with.
  • We have a clear onboarding process for new hires.

Not right now...

  • We're looking for experienced talent
  • We're looking for a generalist marketer that can fill many different hats
  • We're still figuring out our org structure
  • We do not have a clear onboarding process and expect new hires to "figure it out".

Your Ideal Paid Media
is Finally Here

Certified Across 5 Platforms: Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Amazon Ads, and Apple Ads

Portfolio of 10+ paid media projects and 200+ hours of hands-on experience

Vetted and mentored 1:1 by paid media marketing experts

Hungry to learn and eager to deliver for your team

Our Pricing Plans

Partnering with SkillBank Has Never Been Easier

Hiring a SkillBank fellow is (and always will be) completely free for companies. If your team is looking for a more personalized hiring experience we have partnership plans available.

Plan One
Hire Now
$2,000/mo or $18k annually

  • 3 fellow introductions for 1 role that is defined by your team.
  • A dedicated SkillBank account manager
  • 30-minute webinar to our fellows about your company, hosted by us.

Fellow Testimonials

Meet Cameron Richtik

Paid Media Associate at Hawke Media

Cam joined SkillBank in the Winter of 2021. He resides in Oregon. After completing the SkillBank paid media marketing program, Cam landed a full-time job at Hawke Media in Los Angeles.

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