SkillBank Overview

How You Will Get
Hired Faster

Our one-of-a kind process will help you get ready to land a marketing agency job in 12 weeks and make $55k/year on average.

To Be Eligible for SkillBank, You Must Be:
18 Years or
US Citizen or
Permanent Resident
Getting Started

Ready to Level Up
Your Life?

The SkillBank admissions process is a breeze. Here are the steps for getting accepted into the program.


Step One

Apply on our website.


Step Two

Schedule an interview with an admissions counselor.


Step Three

Enroll! Pay your registration fee, sign an enrollment agreement and financial form.


Step Four

You’re ready to start! If you don't want to talk to admissions, you can click here to start immediately.

Our Step-By-Step Process

The SkillBank Rapid Training Program "RTP" Process

Our process is not designed to hold your hand and do the work for you. You have to put in the work and effort. The reward? Being ready to work at a marketing agency.

1. Sign Up

There are no prerequisites, tests, or degrees required to apply. You can start SkillBank immediately.

2. Start Learning

Our paid media program is broken down into 10 units. You will have videos to review and a project to complete. Every single project works towards a final project that showcases all of the skills you have learned.

Your unit projects must be completed to unlock the next unit of the curriculum.

3. Meet your team

During your first week, your SkillBank representative will match you with a mentor and career advisor to ensure your time is productive with SkillBank.

You will schedule a meeting with your mentor and career advisor that will occur every other week.

4. Get Certified

Upon completion of our course, we will also help you get certified in Google Search Advertising, Google Analytics, Facebook Digital Marketing, Apple Search, and Amazon Sponsored Products.

5. Interview With agencies

We have connections with many agencies across the United States. After completing the program, we will plug your resume into our funnels to help you land a job as fast as possible.

Our Ideal Fellow

Is SkillBank Right
For You?

SkillBank is for people that are ready and excited to work hard and level up in their career. We can only help you if you are ready to help yourself.


  • I have no prior marketing experience, but I am looking to land an entry-level full-time marketing job in the next 6mos.
  • I am interested in learning paid media marketing.
  • I am looking to up-skill my digital marketing skills to land a higher-paying job.

Not right now...

  • I cannot commit to 10-15 hours of work per week.
  • I am just looking to freelance or start my own company.
  • I am looking for a way to make more money, quickly!
  • I do not want to work in marketing.

6 Paid Media
Mentor Spotlight

Meet Rachel Macadam

Director of Paid Media at Axel Eight

Rachel is one of the mentors you could get matched with at SkillBank!

During the day, Rachel is the Director of Paid Media for an agency based in Arizona. With 10+ years of marketing experience, Rachel knows exactly what marketing agencies are looking for when hiring new candidates.

Ready to level up your life?

The next phase of your life is right around the corner. At SkillBank, you can start as soon as you get accepted into the program.