What is SkillBank?

SkillBank is a 15-week bootcamp for people that are looking to get a job in growth or digital marketing. We cover a wide range of topics within marketing, tech, and career preparation. By the end of the program you will the skills needed to help you land a marketing job. After completion of the program, we help you land a job and will connect you to companies through our hiring partner network.

Why Should I Take SkillBank?

SkillBank is a 15-week accelerator for people looking to get a job in marketing. We help accelerate your career in a few ways!
1. We have connections to hiring partners: We're partnered with startups, tech companies, and other types of companies too!
2. We represent you to companies: After you graduate SkillBank, you receive a SkillBank marketing certificate. This is our way of vouching for you and your skills.
3. Accelerate your career: You don't have to waste time stumbling through the industry. We'll give you the tools to land your dream job.
4. We're with you for life: Even after you graduate, we're your support system. You'll always have access to curriculum, our support network, hiring partners, guest lecturers and more!
5. We're free upfront: If you qualify for our ISA, you pay $0 until you land a job.

What is the total cost of SkillBank?

If you pay upfront, it's $8k total. If you're taking advantage of our income share agreement option, it depends and the amount is different for every participant. The total amount is based on your salary after you graduate from SkillBank. If your annual salary is less than $40k/yr or $3,333/mo you don't pay us anything. You’ll never pay us more than $15k.

Will SkillBank help me land a job?

We do everything we can! The goal of SkillBank is to help you learn the skills you need to land a job in marketing. After you complete the program, we do everything in our power to help you land the job of your dreams in the tech industry. During your time at SkillBank, you work with a career counselor, we help you create your resume, find the companies you'd like to work with, and prepare for interviews and salary negotiations.

The third month of the program is centered around your marketing apprenticeship. We pair you up with a company/startup to put your new skills to the test, and help provide the experience you need to land a job.

With all of that being said, it is still up to you to show the initiative and go through a company's application and interview process to land the job.

Does SkillBank only work with marketing agencies?

Nope! Our goal is to help you land a top paying marketing job. We work with many different kinds of companies. This is including but not limited to startups, tech companies, agencies, firms, and more.


What is an income share agreement (ISA)?

An income share agreement or ISA is a tuition option we offer at SkillBank. This is our way of investing in our participants and their success. It gives you the opportunity to take our program without the financial burden of paying us. At SkillBank our ISA is structured as 10% of your salary over 2 years as long you are making over $40k/year. You will never pay us more than $15k.

What is the true cost of an ISA?

If you would like to pay us upfront; tuition for SkillBank is $15,000. If you decide to take advantage of our ISA tuition option, you will owe us 10% of your salary (pre-tax). You will never pay us more than $15k. Your ISA will be completed after 24 monthly payments OR you hit our payment cap of $15k.

Can I see a sample ISA contract?

Sure! You can see a sample of the contract we use with Leif here.

Are there interest rates?

No. ISAs are not a loan, so you will NOT owe interest.

Can I see a sample ISA contract?

Sure! You can see a sample of the contract we use with Leif (our ISA provider) here.

Is the ISA payment amount calculated before or after taxes?

The ISA payment is based on your gross income. You will pay SkillBank 10% of your salary. This is pre-tax.

When do I start paying SkillBank back?

ISA payments start after you're making $40k/year or over $3.16k/month. Payments are made on the 1st of every month.

Who services your ISA?

Our ISA provider is Leif. You can learn more about them here.

How do you verify my income?

Our ISA provider, Leif, handles this process. You will report your job and income status to them.

How do I report my income?

Your income and job status is reported to Leif. You can find their fellow FAQ here with more information.

What if I file a joint tax return?

You will submit your tax returns to Leif. Your payments are based on your personal income, as long as you provide Leif with your spouses financial information.

What happens to my ISA if I drop out of SkillBank?

We base your payment % off of the number of weeks you complete at SkillBank. Participants must let us know by Friday at 11:59pm PT of the previous week if they would like to drop the program.

What other payment options are there?

We have 2 payment options.
Income Share Agreement: 10% of your salary over 2 years as long you're making over $40k/year.
Upfront installments: $8k upfront.

Can I sign an ISA with another bootcamp after SkillBank?

No. Per our ISA you can only be signed to one ISA at a time.

Am I eligible for the ISA?

As long as you are over 18 years old and a US citizen (or US permanent resident) you can take advantage of our ISA option.

What happens if I'm experiencing financial difficulties?

You only start paying us back after you graduate our program and are making over $40k/year or you are making over $3.16k/month. If you are making less than this, you will not pay us that month.


Where do I take a SkillBank class?

SkillBank sessions are completely remote and take place on a video conference tool called Zoom. As long as you have good wifi and a quiet place to work, you'll be able to take our class. To take a SkillBank class you must be over 18 years old and a United States citizen.

What is covered in the course?

You can see our paid acquisition course curriculum here.

Can I take SkillBank on my own time?

No. SkillBank's programs are not self paced courses. Due to the fast paced nature of the course, participants are not allowed to miss more than 3 days of the program.

Can I use SkillBank to learn marketing for my business?

At SkillBank, we are only accepting people that are looking to land a full-time marketing job, if you would not like to land a full-time marketing job, we'd like you to pay upfront for the program.

Can I take SkillBank if I have a full-time job?

Absolutely! Since sessions are only 2 hours/day in the mornings or evenings Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, you can easily take our course while keeping a full-time job.

What computer specs do I need?

At a minimum, you need:
1.6 GHz Processor
Web Cam

In descending order, these are the recommended operating systems:
Windows 10
Chromebooks are not allowed.

We highly recommend this computer if you are looking for a cost efficient solution.

What is SkillBank looking for in a participant?

We are looking for people that are motivated and ready to land their dream marketing job. Learn more about our acceptance process here.

I don't have any experience in marketing. Should I apply?

Our program is incredibly fast paced, but if you are a motivated learner and computer savvy, you should be able to keep up!

I applied but, I haven't heard back yet. What should I do?

We get back to most applicants within 4-5 business days. If you don't hear from us, send us an email at hello [at] joinskillbank [dot] com.

Can I apply again if I was rejected?


Why was my application rejected?

There are many reasons for why we may decline your application. Due to the volume of applicants we can't give everyone a reason. Please apply again!

Still have questions? Check the help center or email us at