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SkillBank Overview

What is SkillBank?

Why Should I Take SkillBank?

What is the total cost of SkillBank?

Will SkillBank help me land a job?

Does SkillBank only work with marketing agencies?


What is an income share agreement (ISA)?

What is the true cost of an ISA?

Are there interest rates?

Is the ISA payment amount calculated before or after taxes?

When do I start paying SkillBank back?

Who services your ISA?

How do you verify my income?

How do I report my income?

What if I file a joint tax return?

What happens to my ISA if I drop out of SkillBank?

Can I sign an ISA with another bootcamp after SkillBank?

Am I eligible for the ISA?

What happens if I'm experiencing financial difficulties?

SkillBank Logistics

Where do I take a SkillBank class?

What is covered in the course?

Can I take SkillBank on my own time?

Can I use SkillBank to learn marketing for my business?

Can I take SkillBank if I have a full-time job?

What computer specs do I need?

What is SkillBank looking for in a participant?

I don't have any experience in marketing. Should I apply?

I applied but, I haven't heard back. What should I do?

Can I apply again if I was rejected?

Why was my application rejected?

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