Meet SkillBank
Meet Team SkillBank

We Dream of a Better Future

Our diverse pool of marketing talent are ready to work
and they are hungry to perform to the highest standard.

Our Mission

We believe that no one should be prevented from chasing their dreams due to a lack of opportunity or experience.

Our mission is to provide that opportunity to those who are willing to challenge themselves to grow, learn, and lead. We know the importance of gaining skills in the specific industry you care about, which is why we offer a specialized course instead of a one size fits all approach.

Our Story

We are here to help those dedicated and hard-working individuals get to the next level.

SkillBank was founded for the sole purpose to help those searching for the first step to getting legitimate experience in their field, and help launch their career. SkillBank was founded by that person, a college dropout who moved to San Francisco looking to start a marketing agency, struggling with the barrier of experience.

Years later, with multiple experts in the industry on board, SkillBank was launched.

Our Values

Our Characteristics Unite Us

At SkillBank, we understand the greatness that comes from hard work and dedication, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the entire time.

Our program includes building real relationships with real people, learning real skills that are needed in the industry. And once your done? You still have access to all of our next-level resources. We are lowering the barrier to entry for in-demand jobs by offering the tools and skills essential to succeed.

Our Team

Meet Our Leadership

We're a team that's dedicated to making sure everyone receives the highest quality of education.

Mehak Vohra


Shiraz Sultan

Head of Admissions

Christopher Graham

Lead Instruction

Sanjida Meem

Senior Career Advisor

Our Investors

We're Backed By The Best

Here are just a few of our investors that are pushing the envelope in tech and entrepreneurship.

Jason Calacanis

Angel Investor and Podcast Host

Josh Richards

TikTok Star and Podcast Host

Erik Huberman

CEO of Hawke Media and NYT Best-Selling Author

Griffin Johnson

TikTok Star and Producer