SkillBank: The Black Market for Skills

Master Skills With Anonymous Industry Experts

Why Anonymous Experts?


SkillBank uses bite-sized videos and real-life examples to teach important professional skills. Our experts are kept confidential to allow them to reveal trade secrets and valuable industry advice. We're making their secrets accessible to everyone.

Our Vetting Process

How Do We Verify Our Experts?

This is a detailed process for how we choose our anonymous course experts. Each expert has been thoroughly vetted and verified by the SkillBank team.

Step One:

To start the course creation process as an expert at SkillBank, experts must fill out our "Suggest a Course" form or get a warm introduction to the SkillBank team.

We're very picky about the experts that we bring on because of the nature of our product. We hope to open ourselves up to more experts in the future.

Step Two:
Interview Process

Each expert goes through a 3 part interview process. Our goal in this process is to identify if the expert is a leader in their field.

Each interview is 30 mins long and covers different aspects of the experts career and how they became so knowledgable in their career.

Step Three:
Giving 3 References

Each expert must give us 3 references that can verify that they are well versed in the field they are going to be building a course on.

The SkillBank team conducts an interview with each reference to ensure the validity of the experts experience.

Step Four:
Finding a Champion

Each expert must have one champion in their space that "backs" them as an expert.

The SkillBank team will help the expert with identifying who the course champion should be to show validity to the course audience.

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